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October 6, 2014

Announcing my new mobile device app

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I’m excited to announce my new mobile device app for anyone interested in the San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate market. It’s great to step my business up to the next level and to be able to reach and help more people.
If you are thinking about buying the first step is to start window shopping and filtering out your likes and dislikes. The second step is to start touring homes. So download my new app and email or call me for more info on any address.
Just text BHHS112788 to 87778 to receive a message with a link to download on you mobile device or go to
If you are thinking about selling, this is a great simple way to see what those homes around you are selling for. Here’s a tip! When looking to value a home we generally use 6 properties to determine the market. These six properties should be similar in style, size and condition to the property we are trying to determine market value for.  If you’d like to start looking at the market around you download my new app today and/or send me a message for a free personalized market analysis of your property.

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