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July 23, 2019

Determining Your Goals And Priorities

By Admin In Seller with Comments Off on Determining Your Goals And Priorities

Why have you decided to sell your home?

Are you flexible in your timing?

Do you have a desired price or a minimum price in mind?

Decision Making
Will anyone else (family member, financial advisor) be involved?

How often would you like updates, and what is the best way to contact you?

Previous Selling Experience
What went well? What would you like to improve upon from that past
Experience? If this is your first time selling a home, what are your concerns?

Condition of Property
Are there any internal or landscaping projects that would increase the value
Of the house? Are there any issues we will need to disclose? Have you made
Substantial renovations?

Can we assist you in purchasing or moving to a new area or home?

What are your concerns with regards to your home and the transaction?

Download a PDF Guide for Selling your Home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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